The Food That Makes Oprah Feel Instantly Better

Oprah sitting on a couch smiling at the camera
The Food That Makes Oprah Feel Instantly Better

There is hardly a single person who hasn’t seen Oprah’s show or heard of her numerous side projects. She’s a force of nature who is a notorious host, a great listener, an entrepreneur, and, as it turns out, a passionate foodie. Aside from investing in the publicly-traded company Weight Watchers and the True Food Kitchen restaurant chain, Oprah has also written a lot about her relationship with food, including in her book Food, Health, and Happiness (2017).

Oprah and Her Favorite Foods

In the O, The Oprah Magazine, she often uses food as a way for us to find comfort and inner peace. In fact, that’s how she herself finds solace and an instant sense of well-being. There is one food, she says, that she has every single day that makes her feel better on the spot. Ever since she was a child, Oprah associated having a delicious homemade soup with its restorative effect and coziness.

The Soups Oprah Loves

Tomato soup with a crunchy toast on the side
The Food That Makes Oprah Feel Instantly Better

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of tomato soup? Oprah surely does! To her, the best kind of tomato soup is rustic, rich in flavor, and it tastes “honest,” as she writes in her book. So far, she hasn’t met a tomato soup she hasn’t liked, so there isn’t really a way to fail at making one yourself!

A beans and collards soup served in a deep pottery dish
The Food That Makes Oprah Feel Instantly Better

Another favorite soup staple of hers is the beans and collards one. You can experiment with types of beans, adding ham, chorizo, or other ingredients to suit your taste. Go wild with herbs to make the broth extra special, as it will be worth the effort in the end when you curl up with a loved one and a bowl of soup!

If you’re looking for a pinch of exotic flavors, you can try out the Hawaiian bean and vegetable combo (that Oprah absolutely loves) inspired by limas harvested in Maui. It’s to die for!