Gwen Stefani Finally Shows Off Her Massive Engagement Ring

While 2020 hasn’t been a year to rave about for some people, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton made it one to talk about. They got engaged toward the end of October, and Stefani finally decided to show off her massive and stunning engagement ring.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton after they got engaged in October 2020.
Gwen Stefani Finally Shows Off Her Massive Engagement Ring

Gwen Stefani’s New Bling

Gwen Stefani showed up at the People’s Choice Awards to support her now fiancé, Blake Shelton, who ended up taking home an award that night. People were excited to see Stefani there since they’re all interested in seeing her engagement ring and to their pleasure, she finally gave fans an up-close and personal look at her new bling.

She showed off her diamond while she was relaxing in the car with Blake, and people can’t stop gazing over how big and beautiful it is. Blake Shelton had the ring custom-designed and even asked Gwen’s dad for permission to marry her, which meant a lot to Gwen since he decided to be so traditional about their engagement.

A 5-Year Relationship

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani as judges on The Voice.
Gwen Stefani Finally Shows Off Her Massive Engagement Ring

The two singers came together after they both separated from their previous spouses. In 2015, Blake Shelton turned to his fellow coaches on The Voice and informed them of his split from his second wife, Miranda Lambert, after being married for 4 years. The two were a power couple when it came to the country music industry, and everyone was stunned. A month later, Gwen Stefani also broke the news about her split with Gavin Rossdale with whom she’d been for 13 years.

The two confided in each other as they were both dealing with the same pain at the same time. Only a few months later, they revealed that their friendship had blossomed into a romance and that they were officially a couple.

At the People’s Choice Awards, Blake made sure to thank his new fiancée and even spelled out Stefani as a joke in case anyone wanted to Google who she was.