A Baker Creates Homemade Bread With Intricate Designs Shines on Instagram

Hannah is the famous chef and baker behind the Instagram account Blondie and Rye. She makes mesmerizing and detailed designs in her baked snacks that help feed our eyes. After all, many people do eat with their eyes first.

Hannah is based in North Carolina, but she’s developed a following of more than 100k people from all over via her Instagram account. Those followers came from people discovering her intricate bread creations.

A Variety of Design Styles and Methods

Freshly Baked

Some of her breads are carved in a meticulous fashion, while others are simply decorated in a strategic fashion with fruit and vegetables. Hannah’s audience is continuing to grow as more and more people are discovering her eye-catching loaves and pastries.

Many of Hannah’s bread creations are covered in flour art that resembles twisting vines as well as leafy stems. They are sometimes decorated using vegetables and fruit, but nonetheless, they are all mesmerizing. Many of her arrangements will remind you of serene gardens or beautiful flower bouquets.

Who Knew Bread Could Be Inspiring?

If you scroll through the comments on some of Hannah’s posts, there are many people that are getting excited and inspired by her creations.

Freshly Baked

Most of her Instagram page is filled with before and after pictures of her creations. The before images include how she preps the dough either with her toppings or with her elegant carvings. The after photos are of how her bread looks after it is has been perfectly baked. She often includes details about the bread, including the kind of bread or toppings used, what ingredients she used to add color to the specific loaf, and more.

According to her Instagram bio, most of her bread creations and decorations are improvised, but they also follow traditional recipes. She is also an experienced baker, which helps, of course.