3 Deliciously Different Coffee Trends to Boost Your Health

When your regular morning pick-me-up comes with jam-packed health benefits, nothing sets your day better. If you are bored by your regular cappuccino, or already over the craze of Dalgona, here are few ‘caffeinated’ trendy tips to spike your morning cuppa with something healthy and satisfying.


Much like Dalgona, this recent coffee trend is made viral by social media platforms, particularly TikTok. Containing a mix of regular coffee and protein powder, this protein-infused satiating brew is ideal for pre and post-workout consumption. A healthy intake of proffee is especially beneficial for menopausal women, as their body needs more protein to help muscles heal and repair at this stage. To make your own proffee, just mix a scoop of protein powder of your choice or suggested by your dietitian, with one or two shots of espresso, and blend everything together with 200ml of water. Don’t forget to check the sugar content level of your protein powder before adding any sugar or syrup to your proffee.

Matcha Latte

Matcha is originally a variety of green tea but prepared differently in powdered form packed with health benefits. Replacing the espresso in your regular latte with matcha powder will make your morning brew more soothing, thanks to a special compound named ‘L-Theanine’. This compound slows the rate of releasing caffeine, calming your mind. With a high number of antioxidants, Matcha provides several anti-cancer and heart-friendly properties. It also helps to burn more calories than regular exercise.

Bulletproof Coffee

Contrary to common beliefs, bulletproof coffee comes with weight-loss properties. Dave Asprey, the creator of The Bulletproof Diet, made this variety of coffee famous in 2014, combining coffee, unsalted butter, and a medium-chain triglyceride or MCT oil together into his concoction. Though it is essentially coffee mixed with fat, surprisingly the MCT is the key factor making this high-calorie brew fit to be slim! Instead of being stored in the body, the fat here is absorbed quickly and used for generating energy. Brew a cup of coffee and blend it with 2tbsp unsalted butter and 10ml MCT oil, and enjoy the creamy guilt-free delight.