Food Swaps to Make Your Favorite Comfort Food Healthy

Getting cozy on the couch, pigging out on your favorite comfort food, and drinking your ideal beverage choice, be it some sweet soda or a nice merlot: the experience is a beloved one in many households. But as people start changing their mindsets and thinking more about getting fit, their attitudes will begin to shift. While comfort foods can soothe cravings, they don’t always help with nutrition – until now. Take a look at some of the food swaps below to see how you can incorporate these changes into some of your favorite comfort meals to satisfy your cravings and stay healthy.

Food Swaps to Make Your Favorite Comfort Food Healthy


Making your own pizza is a healthier option than store-bought or dining out because you know what ingredients you are using. Taking it a step further by using an almond flour crust, which is full of protein and healthier fats. A plant-based cheese can help keep your pizza indulgence vegan and keto-friendly, too.

Mac and Cheese

This is something adults and kids enjoy. Ingredient swaps for mac and cheese include replacing the mac with broccoli and other vegetables. Riced broccoli and cauliflower give that “pasta-like” feel and add flavor. You can add your favorite cheese or choose to puree sweet potatoes and add nutritional yeast for a cheesy consistency.

Food Swaps to Make Your Favorite Comfort Food Healthy

Hot Chocolate

A nice and warm cup of hot chocolate – who would pass that up? You can enjoy your sweet treat with two easy ingredient swaps. Using nut milk and raw cocoa can increase the flavor, and you can enjoy a decadent treat without feeling guilty.

Easy Ingredient Swaps

Swapping basic recipe ingredients like regular milk for nut milk, regular flour for almond flour, and using raw ingredients can make a difference in your food. These ingredient swaps can give off similar or even better flavors for your favorite comfort foods so you won’t have to feel guilty about satisfying your cravings.