How to Make Honduran Baleadas

A staple meal in any Honduran household, Baleadas is famous for its delicious taste and simplicity. A combination of flour tortilla with refried red beans, Honduran cream, and crumbled cheese stuffed within it, this is the simplest form of Baleadas that you can find anywhere in Honduran, from home kitchens to restaurant kitchens. Get ready to have this creamy delight melt right into your mouth with the first bite! The first thing that you have to take note of is to know how to cook your red beans nicely and thoroughly. Use an instant pot or cook them on the stove using a regular pot. Once they’re fully cooked you’re ready for the next step.

You can try to muster in some of your favorite flavors and spices to the cheese and cream to make the stuffing more delicious and rich. But if you want to experience the authentic taste of Honduran dishes, we recommend you leave the stuffing simple and plain to taste.

Ingredients You Will Need

10 flour tortillas (or as many as you would like)
Refried red beans (warm it up)
Honduran crema (you can use Mexican or sour cream as options too)
Cotija cheese (crumbled, and you can also use queso fresco instead)
Tabasco sauce (or any other sauce that you prefer)

Method of Preparation

Step 1

Use the microwave or a pan to warm up the tortillas.

Step 2

Refry the cooked beans to make them a little warmer.

Step 3

Lay flat the tortillas and start to stuff them up. Start with the refried red beans, then add the crema, cotija cheese, and a small amount of Tabasco sauce to the mix.

Step 4

Fold over the tortillas to finish the dish. (Fold them like Tacos)

Step 5

Take a plate and your favorite garnishing to finish off the dish and get ready to serve!