Ina Garten Offers Helpful Entertaining Tips for the Holidays

Ina Garten can be considered a pro at holiday entertaining. Here are several party tips that you can use to organize and host a stress-free and memorable gathering that will truly exceed the expectations of your guests. 

Use Proper Planning to Reduce Stress Says, Ina Garten

How to Reduce Stress

Planning is key to hosting a stress-free get-together. Make a list of everything that you are planning to cook and all the preferences of your guests. This will enable you to remove and add items without worrying about last-minute changes. Think about whether you can come up with a meal that everyone can eat regardless of their allergies and preferences. Also, don’t be reluctant to cross off some of your entries, especially if you wish to prepare more complicated dishes. For inspiration, you can use the food network dinner recipes. 

Reverse the Serving Order

Reversing the serving order is not only unorthodox but practical as well. Start with the main course and then bring out the salads, before you end the night with a tasty dessert. This way your guests won’t be eating their entries wondering whether they will have enough space for the meat and the side dishes or the famous Ina Garten’s mac and cheese that you have made. 

The Food Will Always Overshadow the Decorations

Keep Decoration to a Minimum

Most hosts make the common mistake of focusing on the decor instead of the food that will be served. Think when was the last time you went to someone’s house and remembered their holiday decorations instead of the delicious meal you had. Ina Garten advises hosts to arrange some candles and vases with seasonal flowers and use their newly found free time to prepare different delicacies for their guests. 

Keep the Cocktails Simple 

The best cocktails are the ones that have little ingredients. Whiskey sours, for example, are perfect for all types of gatherings. All you need is lime juice, good Bourbon, and freshly squeezed lemons and voila. To make things even more fun, you can decide to serve them in chilled martini glasses.

Now that you know the tricks used by Ina Garten, pull up your sleeves and use them to host an amazing holiday get-together!