Summer Produce Tastes Best When Grilled

Believe it or not, grilled summer produce can taste equally good as a burger. The trick is to follow certain techniques and easy-peasy pointers, and ta-daah – a grilled cabbage can be as good as a juicy steak. Grilling releases umami – that is the fifth taste after sour, sweet, bitter, and salty.

The Marvels of Umami

The umami taste elevates the flavor profile of a food item and lets the brain perceive that the food before us is high in taste value. It also helps the taste to linger long in our mouth. Tomatoes, for instance, are a high source of umami. And, they taste like pure heaven when grilled. Mushrooms, corn, potatoes, green peas, garlic are some of the other food items that come abundant with the umami flavor. The good news is that you can eat them in their grilled avatar and savor a hearty meal with your near and dear ones. For instance, before grilling mushrooms, clean them lightly with a clean cloth. As mushrooms release a lot of water while cooking, avoid soaking them in it before putting them on a grill.

For corn, add butter, red chilies to taste, brown sugar, and a sprinkle of kecap manis. You will feel the multitude of these flavors coming together in every single bite you take. Yum, to say the least! Overall, grilled corn takes less than ten minutes, and is an ideal option for snacking purposes. Now you know what to eat for an evening snack.

Grilling Fruits

For those feeling a tad adventurous, there are juicy peaches and red watermelons to grill. To grill, a peach cut the fruit in half, and douse it with a coating of cooking oil. Wait till you see grill marks on the fruit. Grill the watermelon in a similar way. Garnish it with a hint of lime juice and some walnuts. Don’t forget to enjoy and take pictures for your ‘gram.