Three Effective Ways Olive Oil Can Boost Health

According to a new study, olive oil makes the Mediterranean diet very effective for longevity. This diet is also proven to improve gut health, decrease inflammation, and much more.

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota has been studying olive oil for nearly a decade, and their findings point out how olive oil functions in the human body and three ways to boost its health effects.

Understanding Olive Oil

Green olives with a bottle of olive oil on a yellow background
Three Effective Ways Olive Oil Can Boost Health

But what makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy? According to the research, the fat in olive oil lights up pathways in cells that increase longevity and fight age-related diseases.

The lead researcher and professor Doug Mashek, Ph.D., explains that fat first has to get stored in microscopic lipid droplets. He also explains that it’s not enough to just consume olive oil if people want to get healthy aging effects.

How to Maximize the Benefits?

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Three Effective Ways Boost Health

According to Professor Doug Mashek, olive oil won’t activate those cellular pathways without the right conditions. Once the fat has been stored, it has to be released. The research suggests three ways to boost the effects of olive oil — exercising, fasting, and limiting caloric intake.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is known for boosting longevity too, so coupling a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil with an IF schedule may be a very good way to get the best of both. And as far as exercise, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is often recognized for its fat-burning ability. The best part is that the workouts can often be done very quickly.

“Treating” Aging

The team from the University of Minnesota hopes their research will help discover new dietary regimens or treatments to boost health, especially as we age.

But until the day aging is a thing of the past, you can simply incorporate olive oil in your diets and pair it with a good dose of movement.