Study Proves That Walnuts Are the Best Nut for Healthy Aging

As people get older, they grow increasingly concerned about their health. Things like diet and exercising — as well as gut and brain health — become more important, and we start looking for ways to boost our well-being. Well, a recent study shows that there is one kind of nut that can stimulate healthy aging. Yes, it’s walnuts!

Whole and peeled walnuts on a wooden surface
Study Proves That Walnuts Are the Best Nut for Healthy Aging

The Study Took Four Years to Complete

Over a period of four years and data collected from nearly 34,000 women — all in their late 50s and early 60s — researchers were focusing on finding connections between healthy aging and nut consumption. The women received chronic disease evaluation and were asked about their daily diets, memory, physical health, and other indicators to complete their profile.

About 16% of all women who took part in the study were defined as “healthy agers” because they had no significant chronic conditions, physical disabilities, and memory issues. An interesting discovery sprung up during the research showing that eating as little as two servings of walnuts a week was enough to boost one’s chance of being a “healthy ager.”

Walnuts Boost Heart and Gut Health

Heart shaped walnut
Study Proves That Walnuts Are the Best Nut for Healthy Aging

Several other studies have proven again and again the health benefits that walnuts have on gut and heart well-being. Not only are these nuts super healthy and packed with omega-3, iron, and good fats, but they are also incredibly tasty, which makes it really easy to add them to your diet.

Healthy Aging Matters Now More Than Ever

On a global scale, we constantly see that the average lifespan of human beings continues to climb up. This means we need to be extra cautious about how we age as it determines the quality of our lives. It’s important to note that this study was performed on women only, so it is still unclear how much of walnuts’ benefits will translate to men. However, adding a couple of servings of walnuts to your diet per week surely won’t hurt.