A New “Decades Fashion” Exhibition Is Showing Now in Leeds

Fashion is always changing, and eventually, it will repeat itself to some extent. To show off just how much fashion has evolved through the centuries, a new exhibition opened up in Leeds. It features a variety of garments that include made-to-measure corsets that were popular in the Victorian era and even a red suit that was from one of Leeds’ most elite department stores in the day.

"Decades Fashion" Exhibition in Leeds
A New “Decades Fashion” Exhibition is Showing Now in Leeds

Leeds Fashion Through the Decades

There are outfits up on display at the exhibition that were once worn by the locals, along with stories that describe why they were so special. The exhibit hopes to illustrate how lessons can be learned from traditional approaches to clothes like the “make-do-and-mend” approach.

The exhibition takes people on a journey through the city of Leeds from 1720 to 2020. It explores how the city became home to some top retailers and how it earned its place as one of the key shopping destinations.

It also showcases how the ways people bought their clothes have changed — from tailors and dressmakers to fast and mass-produced fashion.

The Center of Fashion

Vanessa Jones is an assistant curator of costume and textile at Leeds Museums and Galleries’ who said that the changes in style along with the trends and clothes people have worn mirror the different ways that society has developed. It also shows how the attitudes of gender to diversity have played a role throughout the ages.

Couple with shopping bags walking hand in hand through one of the two buildings that form a part of the Leeds Quarter.
A New “Decades Fashion” Exhibition is Showing Now in Leeds

Visitors of the display can also notice that there is a substantial difference in materials used earlier from those used today with more mass-produced fashion.

The collection of fashion pieces reflects modern-day Leeds high street, which is now dominated by the boom of fast fashion. Many of the old streets and buildings have been torn down or replaced with new shopping centers.