Advice For Your Kids About Marriage

Katherine K. Wagner, Esq., a reliable family law attorney in Somerset County, New Jersey, has seen first-hand the most common things that create problems in a marriage, or end a marriage. In this article, people who want to save their marriage can learn what she advises.


Spouses Shouldn’t Hide or Lie About Their Financial Situation

This is the most common thing by far that trips up newlyweds. Regardless of their financial past and present, they should be upfront with one another. Marriage is not just a romantic partnership — it’s also a business partnership. Couples should contribute to their joint expenses and share household responsibilities as a team.

Wagner explains that everyone needs a bit of “mad money” for themselves, and agreeing on that within the budget will help couples avoid unnecessary conflict.

Communication Between Spouses is Very Important

Spouses should have an ongoing conversation with one another, checking in to make sure they’re both on the same page. Ms. Wagner notes that she’s had many divorced clients who saw that after they got married, their spouse changed. She thinks that constant communication and making decisions as a team will help couples grow together instead of apart.


Ms. Wagner also noted that her divorce clients complained of being taken for granted and not аppreciated. This is a communication issue. No matter how many years the spouses have been married, they should strive to support one another, thank one another, confide in, and dream with one another. This can help preserve the romantic and adventurous energy that sparked off the relationship. Also, when things go awry, they should be gentle with one another and address the problem together as a team.

Ms. Wagner Recommends Not Getting Married Without a Prenuptial Agreement.

A “prenup” is the last thing a couple newly in love wants to think about. Having one in place, however, protects premarital assets in that if the marriage should end, the debts and assets both individual and joint can be dealt with in a pre-organized fashion. This will relieve some of the stress in an already stressful situation.