A 12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Raises $47,000 for His Passion

Anthony Schmidt is only 12 years old with a huge passion for miniature cars. He is on the autism spectrum, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing what he loves. WIth autism, his senses, like vision, sound, and smell, are enhanced. That may make him a bit different as these things can become too much for him sometimes, but they also help him when it comes to his photography.

Boy taking a picture of a miniature car
A 12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Raises $47,000 for His Passion

Being Autistic Doesn’t Stop Anthony From His Passion

Anthony doesn’t just have a passion for miniature cars, but he also loves taking photos of them so that they appear life-size. According to Anthony’s mom, nothing stops him because he’s autistic, in fact, it’s what helps him as he has an eye for detail when taking photos and often sees things that others don’t. This helps make his shots turn out just the way he wants.

His love and passion for his photographs have led him to start a Kickstarter, which is an online campaign that helps raise money for bringing his creative projects to life. Anthony’s goal was to raise $20,000 to publish a coffee table book full of his pictures and miniature cars. With 10 days left before the campaign finishes, Anthony surpassed his goal and raised $47,000.

When the Passion Started

A blue retro miniature car pictured in the outdoors up close
A 12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Raises $47,000 for His Passion

Anthony’s mom stated that his passion started at a very young age. The first words that he learned to speak were the makes and models of cars. Over time, he developed a large collection of miniature cars, and the photographs started when he took his mom’s iPhone and began photographing them outside.

Anthony believes that he has about 527 miniature cars that he holds onto, even ones that he doesn’t play with anymore. Anthony stated that autistic people have particular interests. For him, it was these miniature cars, his camera, and his creativity.

Anthony also has his own calendar full of his photographs.