7-Year-Old Boy With Cleft Lip Found His Spirit Animal

Madden Humphreys is a seven-year-old boy from Oklahoma. He was bullied in school because of his appearance and ended up adopting a cat that has the same conditions as he does — a cleft lip and a rare eye condition.

A boy pictured with his cat
7-Year-Old Boy With Cleft Lip Found His Spirit Animal

Born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate along with heterochromia iridum — a rare eye condition — Madden has had a different appearance than the rest of the kids in his school, his whole life.

Finding a Cat With a Cleft Lip

Madden’s mother — Christina Humphreys — had found out about a cat with the same birth conditions as her son. She found the cat, Valentine, on a Facebook group that exists specifically for mothers of children with cleft lips. Christina spotted the resemblance between Madden and Valentine, and just knew that they had to adopt him.

After driving from Oklahoma to Minnesota, Madden and his family adopted the cat and renamed her to Moon.

Making the Road Trip Possible

Not only did generous friends reach out to help the Humphreys make their road trip possible, but so did many strangers that belong to the Facebook group. It was all so that they could adopt the sweet kitty with a cleft lip.

Christina mentioned that the whole family knew they were destined to be best friends as they were both born with a cleft lip and complete heterochromia iridum. She also thought about how great it was that a pet could make a person feel less alone.

A boy caressing his cat
7-Year-Old Boy With Cleft Lip Found His Spirit Animal

Before adopting the cat, Madden had made a video on anti-bullying that went viral after being bullied on his school bus. He mentioned that kids like him, who are bullied, have had their fair share challenging experiences and that bullying only makes it worse.

Madden also emphasized that kids who bully others are actually missing out on being friends with a lot of awesome people.