Class Ring Lost for 47 Years Was Returned to the Widow Who Lost It

47 years ago, Debra McKenna was washing her hands in a department store in Portland when she lost her boyfriend’s class ring. She never expected to be reunited with the ring nearly five decades later, but that’s exactly what happened. The interesting part is that the ring was found in the most unlikely of places. It was discovered across the ocean, in Finland, and found its way back to Debra nearly fifty years after it was lost, thanks to the kindness of one Helsinki citizen.

Debra McKenna's Lost Ring
Class Ring Lost for 47 Years Was Returned to the Widow Who Lost It

A Touching Love Story

The class ring was given to Debra by her boyfriend Shawn and she was only 16 years old when she lost it. The young couple dated all throughout high school and college. Their love withstood the test of time and they were happily married for four decades. After a long battle with cancer, Shawn passed away in 2017. When they were in high school together, Shawn first asked Debra out on Valentine’s Day. She believes that it’s no coincidence at all that on February 14th, 2020, she got a call from her high school alumni association telling her that Shawn’s ring was found after all these years.

Debra McKenna and her lost ring - 47 years later
Class Ring Lost for 47 Years Was Returned to the Widow Who Lost It

The Ring Was Found by a Man in Finland

Marko Saarinen, a man from Helsinki, was out on a hike with his metal detector when he located this class ring beneath eight inches of soil. Seeing the initials, graduation year, and high school insignia, he decided to contact the Morse High School in Portland, Maine in an attempt to find the owner. Deborah was overjoyed to receive this priceless keepsake back and how it ended up over 3,800 miles away from where it was lost is anyone’s guess. She said that Shawn never believed in coincidences and she believes that this is a sign from him. Debra also said that it’s touching to know there are decent people out there who are willing to make such an effort.