A Hemisphere Away & 40 Years Later, Mother & Daughter Reunite

The 1970s were testing times for unwed women in South Korea. Their culture frowned on these women, and they and their children were eschewed by society. So, when a 22-year-old woman who wasn’t married gave birth to a baby girl, she had to be given up for adoption. The baby found her way with the Cook family from Murray, UT, and it wouldn’t be for another four decades until she will be reunited with her birth mother once more.

An Unbelievable Story

Seoul downtown statue overlooking the skyscrapers at sunset
A Hemisphere Away & 40 Years Later, Mother & Daughter Reunite

The girl, Carrie Pace, is all grown up today and has three kids of her own. She works for a criminal defense law firm, which played a key role in helping her find her birth mother. Carrie visited South Korea for the first time in October 2016. She fell in love with Seoul, her birthplace, the culture, the people, and the language. That’s when she knew she had to come back and find her biological mother. There was a tiny problem, however. She didn’t speak Korean at all.

Finding Her Birth Mother Was Far From Easy

As soon as her first trip to Korea ended, Carrie got on her laptop and started the search of her life. She was overwhelmed with questions, and the intimidating South Korean bureaucracy made things extra difficult. Thanks to her background in law, she was able to look into South Korea’s strict privacy laws.

Right When She Was About to Quit…

Carrie got help from two Korean organizations and got a Korean mentor as well to help guide her through her search. All documents containing her mother’s name were blurred due to privacy concerns, and it wasn’t until the end of 2019 when she finally got her birth mother’s name and hometown. Her mentor traveled there to find her and organized a conference call between the mother and daughter. Carrie barely remembers the conversation, as she was so shocked by what was happening.

Two pair of hands holding each other, one old, the other one younger
A Hemisphere Away & 40 Years Later, Mother & Daughter Reunite

On February 20th, they each flew to San Francisco for a reunion that was more than four decades in the making. Carrie’s story is just another beautiful miracle that shows the power of not giving up.