How Skills Learned While Being a Girl Scout Saved This Woman’s Life

Being a girl scout develops certain skills such as leadership, confidence, communication, and more. But for one alum of the program, Linda Walker, being part of the girl scouts did more than just help her create a strong bond with her friends — it also saved her life. 

These Girls Scout Skills Saved This Woman’s Life

Meeting the Girl Scout Who Would Save Her Life 

In the summer of 1967, Walker and her family moved to North Carolina. To help her with acclimatization to her new surroundings, her mother signed her up to the Pisgah Girl Scout Camp in Brevard. It was there that she was paired with Laurie Luna in a four-person tent through the Buddy System. The program teaches young women the importance of having someone to rely on. 

One afternoon a storm blew and sent all girl scouts to their tents. It was at that moment that Linda Walker was struck by lightning and suffered severe burns on two-thirds of her body. The electrical charge had reached her because she was standing on her metal-framed bed. The event caused the other three girls to panic and run out of the tent. Luna, however, realized that her buddy was missing and went back looking for her. She found Walker injured on the floor and immediately ran to the counselors who gave her CPR and rushed her to the hospital. 

Meeting the Girl Scout Who Would Save Her Life

Reconnecting Years Later

The doctors prepared Walker’s parents for the worst possible outcome as their daughter’s injuries were too severe. Luna had visited her buddy before returning home as camp ended and walked out of the hospital room thinking that her friend was moving towards death. 

Several decades later, the two women were reconnected through the “Missed Connections” series on NPR. The two girl scouts toured the camp and reminisced on their common memories. The experience was very surreal and enabled Walker to thank her friend for giving her the chance to have a full and rich life. 

Becoming a girl scout has many benefits and is an activity that develops both personal and social skills, and this story only proves it!