Tyler Perry Has Donated $100K to a Kenneth Walker Legal Defense Fund

Tyler Perry has joined the effort to support Kenneth Walker in his legal fight with a $100K donation to his legal defense fund. Walker is the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor – a black medical worker who was shot and killed by the police while sleeping in her own house. The young couple was raided during the night by police officers Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison of the Louisville Metro Police Department, who were wearing plain clothes.

Tyler Perry Donated the Sum Via a GoFundMe Page on Behalf of Walker

Tyler Perry
During the botched raid, Walker, who thought the policemen were intruders, fired a single warning shot in self-defense. The bullet hit Mattingly in the leg and prompted the hail of gunfire that ultimately lead to Breonna Taylor’s death. Mattingly later sued for battery, assault, and emotional distress. Now that Walker is facing trial after the tragic loss of his girlfriend, a legal defense fund was created on his behalf.

The legal defense fund for Walker was launched on a GoFundMe page and is meant to help raise money for the legal battle against Mattingly. Film and TV mogul Tyler Perry made his generous donation in four separate transactions to ensure the fund surpasses its $100K goal.

Tyler Perry Is Well Known for His Generous Philanthropic Efforts

Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of the deceased Breonna Taylor.
The GoFundMe page stated that to have one of the men bearing the responsibility for the botched raid suing the person who endured and survived the terrible affair was outrageous. The page text also reads that the raid in which Breonna Taylor died was poorly conceived, nightmarishly carried out, and hastily covered-up, while the following grand jury proceedings were a staged farce. The page goes on to claim that Daniel Cameron’s statements were disingenuous and Jon Mattingly’s lawsuit was as unbelievable as the ongoing mockery of justice.

The donation Tyler Perry made for Kenneth Walker is one of the many generous philanthropic efforts he has participated in to give back to the community. As recently as Thanksgiving, Tyler Perry Studios was distributing gift cards and non-perishable food items to families in need in Atlanta.