Easy-to-Grow Houseplants That Can Give Your Room a Fresh Look!

Houseplants can transform any corner of any room into a more welcoming place. Sadly, not everyone is born with a green thumb required to make them flourish! If you’re one of them, worry not! Here are a few easy-to-grow, low-maintenance houseplants for you to choose from with.

Moth Orchid

These pretty flowers may look exotic, but the Moth Orchid plant is actually a reliable and easy bloomer if kept in proper condition. Keep the houseplant in your room, in a place where the morning light is bright but indirect. Remember to not keep or move it under direct sunlight. You don’t even need to water it regularly. Water only when the soil is totally dry. If you want to make the plant bloom again next year, use a good orchid fertilizer.


Succulents have been extremely popular during the past few years and Senecio claims one of the top spots among them due to its delightful forms. The string of pearl-shaped leaves of the plant resemble a beaded green necklace. It also comes in another shape, where the string is full of leaves shaped like cute little teeny-tiny bananas. No matter the type, the multiple strings of a Senecio plant can change the look of your room dramatically. Both variants need bright light to grow. Also, remember to let them become mostly dry in between waterings.


The dramatic-looking plant is also known as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ due to the cheese-like holes in its leaves. There are many different types of Monstera, but the most popular among them is the Monstera deliciosa. Another cheese reference here! The leaves of this plant have a super glossy finish. Place a potted Monstera in your room to create an exotic ambiance. Moderate to bright light is perfect for this houseplant. Water the plant only when the top inch or two feels dry to the touch.