3 Products That Can Transform Any Kitchen Into a ‘50s Set!

Vintage is back, and it’s back with a bang. From clothes to furniture, people are opting for antique pieces to spruce up their surroundings and add a bit of an ‘old world charm’ to their life. Whether you’re nostalgic for olden times, or just enamored by the soft colors used in the past, a little look back never hurt anyone. Adding retro touches to your house is in vogue. With just a few accessories, you can turn your modern house into a medley of the new and the old styles. Here are three vintage kitchen accessories you can add to your kitchen to transport it back to the ‘50s.

Cake Dome

Nothing says cheerful and cozy like a cake dome. A staple in every grandma’s house, it’s the perfect way to display the beautiful cakes, cupcakes, and anything else that comes out of your bakehouse. If you have children running around the house, this can be perfect for keeping sweets in the kitchen. It’s retro, it’s classic and it’s got dual purpose – just flip the dome and fill it with punch and viola, you have a punch bowl!

Chantal Vintage Tea Kettle

All the tea lovers in the house, say aye! We have something special that you are surely going to love having your cup of tea in. A vintage-style tea kettle! Apart from looking adorable, it is also super functional, super cute and a vintage gem. Pick a vintage color (sage green anyone?) and invite your friends over for a fancy tea party.

Big Chill Retro Appliances

If you want to walk into your kitchen and feel like you’re on the sets of I Love Lucy, the Big Chill Retro Appliances are for you. This company makes refrigerators, dishwares, microwaves, and stoves which look like they belong to the ‘50s but are equipped with all the modern additions you need to make it ultra-functional.