Does Drinking Water Help Hydrate Dry Skin?

We all know that water does a ton for our body, from helping our brains function to aiding digestion. But is helping your skin stay hydrated one of them? We often ponder the question and get confused over mixed feedback. But not anymore! Let’s check out, what medical experts weigh in about drinking copious water as the secret of pore-less skin.

Fact or Myth?

According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a NY-based dermatologist, it is a myth! When we drink water, it directly enters our bloodstream and is then filtered by our kidneys. But in the case of moisturizing skin, it falls short. It doesn’t reach the skin cells to fill up the inadequacy of hydration there, hence doing nothing to replenish our skin! San Francisco-based dermatologist Dr. Katie Rodan puts it best, that humans do not have systems, not like plants! So, it’s time to stop thinking that consuming water will lead to better skin.

Cause of Skin Dryness

It is, however, completely true, that our skin gets “thirsty.” Skin is also made of cells like the rest of our body, and cells are largely made of water. Through our daily chores, physical activities, and environmental pollution, our cells lose water throughout the day. This results in dry skin with a flakey texture, leaving it more prone to aging, fine lines, and other unhealthy skin conditions.

The Solution

There is no possible way to tackle the skin’s dryness from within. As skin expert Charlotte Palermino explains, ‘Transepidermal Water Loss’ or TEWL is the function of water retention in our skin. In the case of dry skin, the cell barriers are likely impaired or weak, which means there are not enough lipids or oil in the skin to hold on to the cell water. And at this point, oral hydration is not going to work, as the solution is topical rather than internal. So, applying a dollop of moisturizer is far more effective here than gulping gallons of water.