There Was a Lot of Age Diversity at This Year’s Oscars Ceremony

The Oscars, or Academy Awards ceremony, takes place every year to recognize excellence in the film industry from an international standpoint. Recently, there has been some criticism in regards to the lack of diversity, especially in this year’s awards season. However, this year’s Academy Awards checked the “age” box.

There Was a Lot of Age Diversity at This Year’s Oscars Ceremony

Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Talent

Stars such as Brad Pitt, Renée Zellweger, and Laura Dern all won an Oscar this year. Another thing they have in common is that they are all over the age of 50. They also all had an opportunity to portray some of the most notable roles in their careers, and they didn’t go unacknowledged.

This generation of actors and actresses was deemed to be getting overlooked as they typically play the mother (or grandparent) roles. However, this year they were the main focus. The actors and actresses played leading roles in their films and proved that talent doesn’t diminish with age, or in their case, following a milestone birthday. Many of those moviegoers and Netflix streamers are eager to see them in their roles.

Experience and Maturity Were Displayed at the Oscars

There Was a Lot of Age Diversity at This Year’s Oscars Ceremony

The maturity and experience in the performances of the stars above the age of 50, who won at the Oscars, definitely helped prove to the public what makes them good. Actors and actresses were able to portray show-stopping emotions and push their boundaries on the screen, which is what made them stand out to their audiences.

It seems as though Hollywood and critics everywhere are starting to wake up and realize that this generation of stars has a lot to contribute as far as performance goes and also that the movies and productions they are starring in resonate with our generation.

These well-known actors and actresses over the age of 50 are most-definitely earning the respect they deserve from moviegoers and streamers as they continue to move forward in their careers.