About Us

When we set out to build Urban Aunty, we knew we wanted a refined and classic take made digital and accessible to all. We wanted to build the best brand for a mature female audience. In order to truly tap into this community and their interests, we knew we had to understand and define our target audience.

Meet Linda – our ultimate aunty!

Linda is 64 years old and lives in Grafton County, NH with her husband Jon and their cat, Martin. Linda and Jon have been living in Grafton Country for the past decade, and their 3 kids have situated themselves all along the East Coast. When Linda isn’t off on her daily walks around the lakeshore, she can be found catching up on a variety of topics and content online. Unless, of course, she’s meeting up with her girlfriends for their weekly bridge game! 

Linda may be a fictional character, but she represents the audience we are aiming to reach. Linda’s values, interests, likes and dislikes are the driving factors behind the content we create at Urban Aunty.

Our mission is simple – to create and uncover content and stories that matter through the lens of originality, inclusivity and conversation. Our personalized, audience-first methodology allows us to reach and engage our committed readers, newcomers and passersby.