How to Curl Short Hair

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If you thought bouncy curls were only for long-haired women, think again! Cute curls are obtainable for any hair length, as long as you know the right techniques. Read on to find out how you can create beautiful curls and waves for your short hair!

Curling Iron

Professional hairstylist Rogerio Cavalcante recommends using a curling iron to get wavy locks – regardless of how much hair you have to wrap around the wand. Cavalcante explains, “For short hair, a medium-sized wand, around 1 or 1¼ inches, works best since a larger barrel might not suit shorter lengths. Keep the temperature around 350 degrees to avoid damaging your hair.”


If you want your hair to have a tousled wave look but without the damage that comes with heat tools, the answer may be right at your fingertips – literally. Cavalcante explains how to achieve wavy hair using just a comb and your fingers. “Use a fine-tooth comb to create deep waves, curving the hair in an ‘S’ pattern and securing each wave with clips as you go. […] using your fingers to refine the waves as needed.” Keep in mind that this method only works on damp hair.


Rollers may be a bit old-school, but they truly do work. You can just pop them in for a few hours while you go about your day, or wear them overnight while you sleep.

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Either way, you’ll end up with beautifully bouncy curls!