How to Improve Your Health With Songs and Tunes

There’s no denying that music is powerful. It can also have more positive effects on our health than we may have ever thought! Several scientific studies have revealed many potential health benefits of songs and instrumental music, especially for psychological well-being. Here are a few major ways to make music help your health:

Soothing Strings to Ease Pain

A study published in the Science journal suggests that soothing songs can help to reduce the feeling of body aches. The key here is to play the music at a volume of 50 decibels. This sweet spot volume is the pleasant level of low background music we often hear in an elevator or a fine-dining restaurant. Scientists suspect that this pleasant level of sound with a soothing tune distracts our brain just enough to push down the pain signal transmissions.

Mellow Music to Eat Healthily

A study in the Appetite journal showed that listening to jazz music with a slow tempo led the research participants to make healthier meal choices compared to those who tuned in to faster music. Scientists also came up with evidence that slower songs can be effective to eat more slowly. A study published in Psychological Reports links the atmosphere to having a direct effect on the amount of food consumed and analyzes the role of music in this context.

Gospel Tunes to Boost Heart Health

Gospel music is well-known for making the heart soar. Scientific studies suggest that the joyful sounds of upbeat gospel songs can do a lot more than just lift your spirits. Research in the Circulation journal found that people hearing joyous gospel music daily for 30 minutes, showed improved vascular health signs. According to Harvard scientists, our brains process sound in the same regions that regulate breathing and heartbeat. So, hearing uplifting songs or tunes can help trigger the body to slow down breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.