93-Year-Old Grandma Creates 6-foot Buckingham Palace Entirely Out of Wool

The Palace We Didn’t Know We Needed

There’s a new Queen in town! Margaret Seaman, a 93-year-old has been named the Queen of Knitting for her recent six-foot model of Buckingham Palace made entirely out of wool. Created using polystyrene blocks for its structure and wiring for the gates, it also has tiny guards and tourists along with the surrounding trees and landscaping. For those who might want to see the model up close, it is up on display at The Forum in Norwich’s Norfolk Makers Festival until March 19th.

How it Began

After Seaman lost her husband, she joined a knitting club to beat loneliness. She completed the model in just eight months. While this is a feat in itself, it is even more impressive that she has raised over $120,000 through her art for various charities. She also gained popularity and gets recognized on the streets. While fans of hers may expect her to churn out more fascinating pieces like this, she does not hold any such inclination.

A Typical Day for Margaret

A Typical Day for Margaret

Elaborating about her daily routine, Margaret, living with her 74-year-old daughter, revealed that she usually knits for about eight or nine hours during the day. The knitting expert usually has five or six pieces on the go at the same time, working on whichever one her brain tells her to do.

Shot to Fame

She first became popular after she completed a replica of the royal Sandringham Palace in Norfolk in 2019. She was so detail oriented that she also included the stables in the model! In 2020, she committed to knitting again and set out to make a Knittinghale Hospital out of 34 wool balls. As for Buckingham Palace, she claims she lost count of the amount of wool used, claiming it was “at least 100” that was donated by the Wool Warehouse.